A common identity, based on the values of mutuality and cooperation

The members of Euresa base their activities on the fundamental values of mutuality and cooperation. By its very nature, their activity is geared first and foremost towards serving policyholders and members and, more broadly, towards contributing to an economy which takes account of societal concerns.

They are characterised by the upholding of shared principles:

  • The priority of the individual
  • Free and voluntary membership
  • Policyholders and stakeholders being actively involved in the life of the company
  • Solidarity between policyholders
  • Fair distribution of surpluses
  • Satisfaction of the real needs of policyholders

Respecting these values is an essential part of Euresa’s identity, as demonstrated by its common charter “We are committed by our values” which was adopted in July 2002, and in which members declare their commitment to the values of mutuality and cooperation and undertake to:

  • Put their guiding principles into practice at every level of their activities
  • Design products and services which meet the real needs of consumers
  • Ensure that policyholders and stakeholders are actively involved in the life of the company (either directly or by representative means)
  • Combine economic balance with ethical conduct
  • Ensure that their actions are set in the context of a people-centred economy that is geared towards sustainable, socially responsible development