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Mamda and Mcma are two legally and financially independent Moroccan mutual insurance companies that share common means (management, premises and sales resources).

Founded in 1963, Mamda (Mutuelle agricole marocaine d’assurance*) offers insurance products that cover the entire agricultural sector: the farmer and his farm, harvest and equipment. It has also implemented Comprehensive Climate insurance dedicated to growing cereals and leguminous crops. Since 2011, in order to improve the compensation procedure, Mamda has developed a network of more than 200 agricultural experts and invested in cutting-edge information systems (satellite monitoring, geolocation, automated payments, etc.). The efforts made it possible to double the agricultural insurance penetration rate in Morocco over a 5-year period.

Created in 1969, Mcma (Mutuelle centrale marocaine d’assurance**) offers a complete range of insurance products (with the exception of agricultural insurance that remains the domain of Mamda), that in general terms meets all the insurance needs of the family. To remain faithful to the principles of participation and democracy that are the foundations of mutuality, Mcma encourages its members to group together by region, by professional interest or according to their own particular needs. These groups then serve as intermediaries between the members and management.

Mamda is today the first agricultural insurer in the Moroccan market.

* Moroccan agricultural mutual insurance company - ** Central Moroccan mutual insurance company

Supervisory & Management Boards

  • Chair of the Supervisory Board: Abed YACOUBI SOUSSANE
  • Chair of the Management Board: Hicham BELMRAH
  • Agricultural Insurance
  • Property Insurance (Motor, Home, Accident, Liability, etc.)
  • Life Insurance / Pension Savings
  • Reinsurance
  • Direct Distribution through exclusive agents
  • Total Turnover: 2.45 billion dirhams (*)
    Of which Non-Life Insurance: 1.40 billion dirhams
    Of which Life Insurance: 1.05 billion dirhams
  • Number of policies: 915,150
  • Number of policyholders: 626,374

  • Points of sales: 61 Agencies and Regional Offices
  • Number of employees: 529
  • Sales force: 250 agents

  • Total Equity Capital: 9.45 billion dirhams
  • Assets Under Management: 14.34 billion dirhams
(*) 1 dirham = 0.09 €

*2015 Figures


Total Turnover




  • Angle Avenue Mohamed VI et Rue Houmane El Fetouaki
    MA - 10 200 Rabat