Syneteristiki Insurance was founded in 1978 by almost the entire body of Greek Agricultural Cooperative Organisations. Today, the company has 117 shareholders who are either Greek cooperative organisations or foreign cooperative insurance companies.

With significant financial standing and increasing brand awareness, Syneteristiki Insurance is the only pure cooperative insurance company in Greece. The company operates in all insurance branches (Life and non-Life) through an extensive network of 1.380 points of sale across the country.

With a turnover of 25.5 million euros and around 222,000 clients, Syneteristiki is today a top ranked cooperative organisation on the Greek market.

Board of Directors & General Management

  • Chair of the Board of Directors: Thomas IOANNIDIS
  • CEO & Managing Director: Dimitris ZORBAS
  • Motor Insurance/Road Assistance
  • Home/Property/Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Legal Protection Insurance
  • Life Insurance/Pension Savings
  • Bancassurance 
  • Through Agricultural Unions, Cooperative Banks and other cooperative institutions
  • Direct distribution through private agents 
  • Total Turnover: €25.5M
    Of which Non-Life Insurance: €23.5M
    Of which Life Insurance: €3.2M
  • Number of policies: 233,000
  • Number of policyholders: 220,000
  • Points of sales: 1.210 points of sales throughout Greece
  • Number of employees: 92
  • Total Equity capital: €28.3M
  • Assets under management: €57.9M

*2019 Figures


Total Turnover