The Euresa website uses cookies. This data is used exclusively by Euresa for tracking browsing from the Euresa site (web and mobile).

CNIL (the French Data Protection Authority) wants Internet users to be informed of the purpose of these cookies but also of how to manage them (accepting them, refusing them, and deleting them). You will find this information below.


A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer by the websites that you visit. Each site may store several cookies. These cookies make it possible to recognise you during your visit to the site and analyse the navigation path you have followed.

The cookie usually contains a unique and anonymous identifier so that your visit can be correctly recorded and your user experience optimised.

Here is the description of cookies used by Euresa’s website:

Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential and necessary for the proper use of the Euresa website and mobile application. In particular, they allow you to access secure areas of the site, to keep your preferences during your visit (in terms of language, for example) and to save your choices regarding the deposit of cookies. These cookies are automatically active and cannot be deactivated via this tool.

Cookies to measure traffic and performance

Tools to measure traffic are used to obtain information on visitors’ browsing. In particular, they make it possible to see how users arrive on our site and then recreate the navigation path they follow. These cookies allow us to monitor the use and performance of our site and improve its operation. This monitoring includes, for example, the pages most visited or the queries made in our search engine.

Euresa uses Google Analytics. Our Google Analytics account has been configured in accordance with Data Protection Regulations. For any further information, please read the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Cookies to optimise user experience

These cookies allow us to offer users a better experience and adapt your browsing on our sites. Therefore, if you use the same browser as during your previous visit, cookies will remember your preferences, know how you use the website and change the content that is displayed to you so that it is better suited to your interests and your personal needs. 

Third-party cookies linked to companies outside Euresa and used on our website

To make the site more user-friendly and interactive, Euresa has incorporated useful content and functionalities from third parties into its website and mobile site. More specifically, this includes an online mapping service (Google Maps), the incorporation of video (YouTube), social media (LinkedIn, Twitter) and chat software (Slideo) that allow you to share content on our site with others or to inform these other people about your viewing or opinion of content on the site.

These functionalities are designed to improve and personalise your web experience and involve the use of cookies by third-party providers. This is particularly the case of the “Share” and “Like” buttons from social networks. The social network providing such an application button is likely to identify you through this button, even if you did not use it when visiting our site.

The use and storage of these cookies is dependent on obtaining your consent. For more information, please read the privacy policies of these providers.

The “Accept cookies” cookie

When you visit our website, a message appears in order to obtain your consent regarding the cookies on the Euresa website. So that we can remember your choice and do not have to show you this information message again, we must place a new cookie on your computer.

Managing cookies on various browsers

Your internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) allows you to accept or refuse all cookies and manage exceptions.

Please note: cookies are sometimes necessary for the functionalities offered online. Without these cookies, functions that facilitate the use of our website are no longer available.