Set up by a core group of Tunisian teachers, Mutuelle Assurance de l’Enseignement (mutual insurance company for education sector - MAE) is a mutual insurance company founded in June 1962 when Mutuelle Assurance des Instituteurs de France (MAIF) ceased to operate in Tunisia. 

In its first decade of existence, its members were teachers only and it offered only car insurance. As it developed and sought to diversify, it gradually opened up in the 1970s to civil servants and then to employees and self-employed professionals.

Since 2002, MAE has been open to all socio-professional categories of Tunisian society and has also expanded its business into all life and non-life insurance sectors.

With nearly 300,000 members, MAE is today leader in motor insurance and ranks 6th in the Tunisian insurance market. 

Board of Directors & General Management

  • Chair of the Board of Directors: Amine HAMDI
  • Managing Director: Lassaad ZARROUK
  • Motor Insurance
  • Home/Boat Insurance
  • Health/Provident Insurance
  • Life Insurance/Collective Savings
  • Associations & Communities Insurance
    • Direct distribution through exclusive agents
  • Total Turnover: €46.66 million
    • Non-Life Insurance: €44.98 million
    • Life Insurance: €1.68 million
  • Number of policies: 373,000
  • Number of policyholders/members: 300,000
  • Points of sales: 118 branches (58 branches and 60 direct agencies) 
  • Number of employees: 500
  • Total Equity capital: €33.19 million
  • Assets under management: €128.44 million


Total Turnover




MAE Assurances