Founded in 1880 and today consist the following brands: Lærerstandens Brandforsikring for teachers, pedagogues and other in the education sector, Bauta Forsikring for nurses and other groups in the healthcare sector, Runa Forsikring for members of specific professional groups. 

It all started with a group of teachers which came up with the idea, to create a fire-insurance for teachers only. The purpose was to offer affordable premiums and a community, which helped deceased teachers’ relatives financially. A human and mutual approach was in focus, and it is still today.

LB Forsikring is the third largest private insurance company in Denmark with more than 400 thousands customers (out of 5.7 million inhabitants), mostly from public sectors. LB Forsikring excels in terms of customer satisfaction, with the Highest Net Promoter Score on the Danish insurance market and by having the most loyal costumers and the best image in the Danish Finance sector.

Supervisory Board and Executive Committee

  • Chair of the Supervisory Board: Carsten Mørck-Pedersen 
  • CEO: Anne-Mette Toftegaard
  • Car insurance (46%)
  • Home Insurance (33%)
  • Accident insurance (19%)
  • Other insurance (2%)
  • Total Turnover: €407M (kr. 3,031M)

  • Number of policies: more than 1,2 million
  • Number of policyholders: around 400 000

  • Number of employees: arround 700

  • Total Equity capital: €678M (kr. 5,044M)
  • Assets under management: €1,189M (kr. 8,854M)

(2019 figures)


Total Turnover




LB Forsikgring