Founded in 1880, LB Forsikring today comprises the brands: Lærerstandens Brandforsikring for teachers and other educationalists in the education sector, Bauta Forsikring for nurses and others in the health sector, and Runa Forsikring for policyholders in specific professional groups.

LB Forsikring is the 3rd largest private insurance company in Denmark.

Supervisory Board and Executive Committee

  • Chair of the Supervisory Board: Lars BuskFjelsted Hansen
  • CEO: Jan Kamp Justesen 
  • Car insurance (46%)
  • Home Insurance (33%)
  • Accident insurance (19%)
  • Other insurance (2%)
  • Total Turnover: €440M

  • Number of policyholders: more than 410 000

  • Number of employees: arround 700

  • Total Equity capital: €851M
  • Assets under management: €1,417M

(2021 figures)


Total Turnover




LB Forsikgring