Founded in 1919 by a group of local authorities wishing to insure themselves against fire, lightning and explosions, Ethias is today a generalist insurance group for individuals, communities and companies. Its shareholders are the Federal State, the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region and EthiasCo SCRL.

Ethias ranks 3rd in both Life and Non-Life Belgium insurance market.

Board of Directors and Executive Committee (Ethias SA)

  • Chair of the Board of Directors: Myriam Van VARENBERGH 
  • Chair of the Executive Committee: Philippe LALLEMAND
  • Motor Insurance
  • Home Insurance / Civil Liability
  • Personal Injury Insurance (Healthcare, Work Accidents, Accidental Bodily Injuries, etc.)
  • Assistance and Travel Insurance
  • Group Life and Pension Insurance
  • Savings & Investments

In the Belgian market, where brokers and bankinsurers occupy a predominant position, Ethias has the particularity of being a direct insurer distributing its products and services through:

  • Insurance advisers (employees for private individuals)
  • A team of inspectors specifically dedicated to serving public bodies and companies
    (with, for the latter, the collaboration of specialized brokers)
  • Call Centres (Contact Centers)
  • Its website
  • Total turnover: €2,778M
  • 1.2 million individual policyholders
  • 1,824 employees
  • 37 regional offices and 2 contact centres
  • €1,528M in equity
  • €15,983M in assets under management

*2021 Figures


Total Turnover