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IMA is a public limited company founded in 1981 by MAAF, MAIF and Macif – three major French mutual insurance companies – later joined by Matmut, Mutuelle des Motards, AGPM, MAPA..., with the aim of offering a high level of service to their policyholders. From emergency assistance to long-term support, today the IMA Group offers comprehensive assistance in the following fields: automotive, transport, travel, home, health, personal, international mobility, advice and customer relations.

Each year, the IMA Group provides assistance to more than 3 million persons among the 45 million beneficiaries, insured with its shareholders.


The IMA Group comprises 11 subsidiaries throughout Europe, Morocco and the United States, allowing for a real understanding of cultures and local needs.

Supervisory & Management Boards

  • Chair of the Supervisory Board: Daniel HAVIS
  • Chair of the Management Board: Claude SARCIA
  • Motor and transport (from car assistance to personal mobility)
  • Home (from home assistance to home services)
  • Individual assistance (from home assistance to lifelong support)
  • Travel and medical (from medical repatriation to international mobility)
    • Secure mobility (from car assistance to personal mobility; from medical repatriation to international mobility) 
    • Connected and secure home (from emergency troubleshooting to home services)
    • Health, Well-being (from home assistance to life course support)
IMA distributes its contracts among the professional sector, including insurance companies, bank-insurance operators, health mutuals and organisations, pension institutions, car manufacturers, vehicle rental companies and large retailers. IMA's clients and shareholders can choose whether to provide the services and assistance under their brand name or the IMA brand name.
  • Total Turnover: €773M
  • Number of beneficiaries: Over 45 million
  • Number of insurance claims: 2,824,419 insurance claims handled (IMA GIE and subsidiaries)
  • Network of service providers:
    55,000 professionals selected in France and worldwide
    190 airlines (7 of which have commercial and operational agreements with IMA)
    9,400 listed heathcare facilities (hospitals and clinics)
    132 technical and medical contacts
  • Number of employees: 4,057 employees in seven countries
  • Total Equity capital: €185.7M
  • Assets under management: €59.1M

*2018 Figures


Total Turnover




Inter Mutuelles Assistance