The story of the MAIF mutual insurance company began in 1934 with a group of teachers who made the bold move of pooling their automotive coverage for a fair, affordable rate with zero commissions. Since then MAIF has grown, now covering - through its various subsidiaries - the every conceivable need for its 3 million members.

Now the fourth-largest automotive insurer and the top insurer for non-profits in the French market, MAIF is routinely recognised for its high-quality customer relations, beating out French companies from every sector.

Board of Directors & General Management

  • Chair of the Board of Directors: Dominique MAHÉ
  • Managing Director: Pascal DEMURGER                 
  • Motor Insurance
  • Home/Boat Insurance
  • Health/Provident Insurance
  • Life Insurance/Pension Savings/Financial Services
  • Non-profit & Community Insurance
  • Direct distribution through exclusive agents
  • Online sale on
  • Total Turnover: €3,365M
    Of which Non-Life Insurance: €2,662.1M
    Of which Life Insurance: €702.7M
  • Number of policies: 9,564,531
  • Number of policyholders: 2,809,523
  • Number of subscribers: 443,000
  • Points of sales: 155 regional representatives, 16 offices, 65 member services representatives
    6 call centres and 12 member services centres
  • Number of employees: 7,213
  • Sales force: 1,760 employees and 227 managers
  • Total Equity capital: €2,375M
  • Assets under management: €15,660M


Total Turnover