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The ability of employees was a condition indicating maturity which related to insight and skills from education, training, and knowledge(17). Communication presence in a team described interaction among team members in accomplishing the tasks and owning an important role in transforming input and outcome both cognitive and emotional(20). The condition of communication both organization level and team level had key role in forming the bond among team members(21). Mcshanedan Von Glinow (2018) stated there were three indicators of communication namely information delivery ability, similarity of symbol perception, language, and abbreviations. The lowest average was the ability to deliver information from the leader to the staffs. The study showed the participants tended to deliver information in a way of face to face or gadget. The team interacted according to the regulation when all members were able to access the visual information. However, that interaction had a limit when the team must be able to adapt dynamically with obstacles of communication channel they used for exchanging information(22). Another study found the indirect instruction from a leader to the team via voice recording might cause the staffs made more mistakes compared to direct instruction(23). Also, the mean value of the indicators of the same perception related to symbol, language, and abbreviations among members, and lacking understanding regarding the program was <3. The communication was potential to improve performance when it presented acquisition and knowledge exchange among team members(20). In addition, low value of same perception on symbol, language, and abbreviations, and program understanding was probably caused by the different professionals in the team. It had six categories which one of them was different knowledge, skills, and abilities (education, functional knowledge, information or expertise, training, experience, and skills)(24). Those low indicators were not complied with another study that found the difference in a team made positive impact on open communication in the team(20). Cohesion was a process whereby each member shared bond enabling the team to work together(25). Refer to that definition; it was necessary for a team to have integration in order to achieve the goal. The task cohesion was in low mean value so it implied that the team had low perception regarding the unity of team as the social community for the team members. This social cohesion also experienced low mean due to the team needed to collab with other teams of antenatal care, immunization, health promotion, and others.

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In this study the results of the analysis showed that there were significant differences in the decrease in pain perception after respondents were given peer support education. Discussion Changes in pain perception before and after peer support education: In this study the perception of pain before Peer Support Education was carried out an average of 69. Changes in blood glucose control before and after peer support education: the results showed that the results of fasting blood glucose before peer support education carried out an average of 152. While blood glucose after peer support education was carried out an average of 137. Judging from the average blood glucose of respondents before and after peer support education showed a decline8. Similarly, the range of blood glucose levels after peer support education was carried out. The high level of blood glucose in a long time will cause some complicating diseases until complications occur9. Changes in perception of pain before and after peer support education: In this study the results of the analysis showed that there were significant differences in the decrease in perception of pain after respondents were given peer support education, with p = 0. Pain experiences include pain perceptions regarding symptoms that are felt, experience cannot perform normal bodily functions and attempts to deal with and control disease. Significant results on changes in perceptions of pain after being given peer support education because during the education process there was a strong sharing of experiences between respondents to manage their illness. In accordance with the results of research by Heisler which states peer support can reduce health behavior problems11. In this study, respondents as someone interacts with other individuals in the group during the peer support education process. The commencement of interaction between individuals in the group increases enthusiasm for always joint discussions regarding the management of the disease12. So that there were seen some respondents who at first seemed more silent, at the meeting and both began to dare to express questions and express opinions13. With the existence of positive experiences from other respondents it will make respondents who feel it as a problem motivated that he is not alone and he can overcome the problems experienced because of his illness with the help of friends in the group14. There were several respondents who said they were offended because their wives and children were prohibited from eating. One of them is number 13, but after the respondent told me during the discussion the respondent number 15 said that he felt happy to be reminded and that the family supported it with his wife preparing special food for her husband, the same type of food as other family members16. At the third meeting showed a decrease in the perception of pain in respondent number 13. The presence of external stimulus, peer support made changes in perceptions of pain that would bring behavior changes in the management of the disease by showing a positive response to adversity17.


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Conclusion the combination of hyaluronic acid and silver sulfadiazine topical was better in the wound healing process compared to silver sulfadiazine alone and untreated wound care by triggering the inflammatory and proliferative processes and increasing granulation. Acknowledgements: We give our gratitude to Hasanuddin University Hospital staff who supported and participated in this research. Ethical Clearance: Ethical clearance for this study was obtained from the Research Ethics Committee, Faculty of Medicine, Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia. Result: Out of total diagnosed breast cancer case during period of 2017 and 2018 (264), 50(18. Conclusion: the breast cancer among young Iraqi women under 40 years had high incidence rate but might be less aggressive than what was reported in western countries. Introduction Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among the Iraqi population constituting one third of the registered female cancer and 17. In woman under 40 years of age, delay breast cancer diagnosis is a common problem due to various factors such as a lack of information about the disease and consequent delay in seeking medical care,lack of screening programs in this age group, and fast tumor growth and pattern of breast parenchyma, which can hinder the identification of lesions both on clinical examination and on certain imaging method(4,5) so the Knowledge of the clinical and imaging forms of breast cancer in young woman and correlation with the pathological finding of these cancers is important for improving the detection of mammary lesions in this group(6). Tumors in young women are more likely to be of a higher histological grade(7) and to be classified as estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor negative(8,9). In addition, young women are more likely to have local recurrences, to be diagnosed Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. The differences in tumor characteristics and clinical outcomes suggest that breast cancer arising in young women may be a distinct clinical entity. A study by Anders and colleagues(8) looked at tumor gene expression between two age specific cohorts (young, 45 years; and older, 65 years), and identified 367 gene sets that could differentiate tumors in young women from tumors in older women. This suggests that breast cancer in young women may be distinct with a unique underlying biology(11). Objectives: To describe the clinical profile,image findings and pathological aspects of breast cancer in young women, to enhance early detection of cancer in young Iraqi women. The required data obtained from the information system data base during a 2-years period starting from January 2017 and December 2018. The evaluated variables included age at diagnosis, marital status, age of menarche, number of parity, history of lactation, and first degree family history of the breast cancer, clinical presentation, clinical and radiological diagnosis were also recorded. Result A total of 50 breast cancer patients below 40 years were enrolled in this study, the mean age of patients was 33. Study of some risk factors showed, 76%(38) were married and from those 12%(6) had one or two child and 76%(38) had three or more children, only 4%(2) of patients had age of menarche more than 14 years. Variable Married Marital Status Divorced Single Widow Number (%) 38(76%) 5(10%) 4(8%) 3(6%) Variable Nil Parity 2 3 11 years Menarche Age 12 or 13 years 14 years Family History Lactation History +ve -ve +ve -ve Number (%) 6(12%) 6(12%) 38(76%) 13(26%) 35(70%) 2(4%) 12(24%) 38(76%) 43(86%) 7(14%) the ultrasound finding of those patients revealed that 76%(38) of patients had only mass, the mass was 1348Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. Grade the clinical presentation of studied patients was showed that 68% (34) of patients had lump and 42%(21) of patients had pain, other showed in figure 2. Discussion Breast cancer incidence increases with age with vast majority of women being diagnosed after age of 40 years(11), the comparison of clinic-pathological and radiological features of breast cancer arising in young women with those older ones has been the subject of discussion in several studies(12). In the present study we have chosen to define early ons et breast cancer when diagnosed at age of 40 years and younger, breast cancer is described as young women disease in Arab World and other developing countries(13,14) compared to that observed in Western countries in which the median age for breast cancer is a decade younger and approximately two third of patients are aged under 50 years(15) this may be due to clear social, economic and population differences. A total of 264 breast cancer patients were Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol.

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Though elimination of weak bases (morphine, amphetamine) can be enhanced by acidifying urine, this is not practiced clinically, because acidosis can induce rhabdomyolysis, cardiotoxicity and actually worsen outcome. The effect of changes in urinary pH on drug excretion is greatest for those having pKa values between 5 to 8, because only in their case pH dependent passive reabsorption is significant. Active transport of the drug across tubules reduces concentration of its free form in the tubular vessels and promotes dissociation of protein bound drug, which then becomes available for secretion. Thus, protein binding, which is a hinderance for glomerular filtration of the drug, is not so (may even be facilitatory) to excretion by tubular secretion. However, for drugs and their metabolites (exogenous substances) secretion into the tubular lumen predominates, whereas an endogenous substrate like uric acid is predominantly reabsorbed. It blocks the active transport of both penicillin and uric acid, but whereas the net excretion of the former is decreased, that of the latter is increased. This is because penicillin is primarily secreted while uric acid is primarily reabsorbed. Renal function again progressively declines after the age of 50 years; renal clearance of most drugs is substantially lower in the elderly (>75 yr). A fraction of the drug molecules present in plasma are removed on each passage through the organs of elimination. Most drugs infact have multicompartment distribution and multiexponential decay of plasma concentration-time plot. Half-lives calculated from the terminal slopes (when plasma concentrations are very low) are exceptionally long, probably due to release of the drug from slow equilibrating tissues, enterohepatic circulation, etc. This applies to majority of drugs which do not saturate the elimination processes (transporters, enzymes, blood flow, etc. However, if the dose is high enough, elimination pathways of all drugs will get saturated. The elimination of some drugs approaches saturation over the therapeutic range, kinetics changes from first order to zero order at higher doses. As a result plasma concentration increases disproportionately with increase in dose (see. Nevertheless, it is a simple and useful guide to the sojourn of the drug in the body, i. Increase in their dose beyond saturation levels causes an increase in Cpss which is out of proportion to the change in dose rate.

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Routine In chronic megacolon, colonic evacuation with osmotic laxatives and enemas may suffice. A subtotal colectomy with ileorectal anastomosis or a decopressive ileostomy may be needed. The diagnosis can be confirmed with a contrast enema, which may also detorse the volvulus. Surgery is indicated if detorsion is unsuccessful or if bowel necrosis or perforation is suspected. Refer to a skin cancer specialist such as a dermatologist or a surgical oncologist. May occur in hospitalized patients with a high fever Miliaria Different Forms of Miliaria Crystallina: 985 small, clear superficial vesicles without inflammation appears often in bedridden patients or patients wearing tightly asymptomatic and self-limited discrete, extremely pruritic erythematous papulovesicles sensation of prickling, burning or tingling predilection for antecubital fossa, popliteal fossa, trunk, intertriginous areas, and waistline bound clothes Rubra: Pustulosa: always preceded by a dermatitis that produces injury, destruction pustules are distinct and independent of hair follicles intertriginous areas, flexural surface, scrotum, and back nonpruritic, flesh-colored, deep-seated white papules asymptomatic last about 1 hour after overheating has ended concentrated on trunk and extremities all sweat glands are nonfunctional except on face, axillae, hands and feet observed usually in tropics and usually follows bout of miliaria rubra or blocking of the sweat duct Profunda: tests n/a differential diagnosis Transient Acantholytic Dermatosis Pustular psoriasis Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis Candidiasis Folliculitis management Place patient in cool environment. Circulating fans specific therapy Anhydrous lanolin helps to resolve occlusion of pores. Lotion with 1% menthol and glycerin and 4% Sal Ac in 95% alcohol dabbed on until desquamation starts follow-up n/a complications and prognosis Usually self-limited with cooling and treatment Postmiliarial hypohidrosis may result in sweating decreased up to half of normal for as long as 3 weeks. Genital lesions are common in adults and are transmitted by direct contact with an infected individual. Signs & Symptoms Flesh-colored or slight pink globose papules with a central dell Lesions may be single or may coalesce. If eye involved, may see proptosis, orbital cellulitis, conjunctival swelling Mucormycosis 1005 Pulmonary: Vision loss may be due to retinal artery thrombosis. Reverse acidosis in diabetic ketoacidosis (fluids, insulin, electrolyte abnormalities); strive for good glycemic control; discontinue immunosuppressive drugs if possible; await reversal of neutropenia. Treatment Options Usually mucormycosis is refractory to medical treatment, necessi- tating larger doses of Amphotericin B. Myelodysplastic Syndrome Dyserythropoiesis: multinuclear forms, nuclear fragments, mega- 1029 loblastic changes, nuclear:cytoplasmic dyssynchrony, ringed sideroblasts on iron stain Dysthrombopoiesis: bizarre nuclear forms, decreased ploidy, "pawn ball" nuclei, micromegakaryocytes Increased myeloblasts Other Tests: Cytogenetics on bone marrow; characteristic abnormalities = dele- tions. Transfu- Treat iron overload with chelation therapy sion guidelines: platelets <10,000/mcl, clinically significant bleeding, surgical procedure. Response rate was karyotype-dependent and highest in patients with chromosomal deletions of 5q31.

Pastinacae Radix (Parsnip). Pulmoxyl.

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Source: http://www.rxlist.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=96227

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Determining the Thickness of Materials in Therapeutic and Preventive Heatsaving Garments. Modern Approaches to Prevention and Correction of the Attorney Syndrome at Sportsmen. Dynamics of Platelet Activity in 5-6-Year Old Children Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. Effect of Lipid-lowering Therapy and Regular Exercise on the Fibrinolytic System in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome. Pika 4, Moscow, Russia, 2Department of Social, General and Clinical Psychology, professor,Russian State Social University, st. Pika 4, Moscow, Russia, 3Department of Labor Psychology and Psychological Counseling, professor,Moscow Pedagogical State University, st. Malaya Pirogovskaya, 1, building 1, Moscow, Russia, 4Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, professor,Russian State Social University, st. Pika 4, Moscow, Russia, 5Department of Labor Psychology and Special Psychology, professor,Russian State Social University, st. Pika 4, Moscow, Russia, 6Department of Labor Psychology and Special Psychology, professor, Russian State Social University, st. Pika 4, Moscow, Russia, 7Department of Social Work, Russian State Social University, st. Pika 4, Moscow, Russia 1 Abstract Context: An in-depth understanding of the "neurotic syndrome" phenomenon. The specificity of the neurotic syndrome of employees of organizations with professional deformities has been determined. The main symptoms of the average level of neuroticism of employees with professional deformities are: asthenia, anxiety, obsession, tension, sleep disorders, psychasthenic disorders, tendency to neurotic depression, somatic disorders, fears, anxiety, difficulties in social contacts. The links between the general level of neuroticism and psychosomatic symptoms (asthenia, sleep disorders, somatic disorders, psychasthenic disorders), social symptoms (difficulties in social contacts), emotional symptoms (anxiety and tension, anxiety, obsession, neurotic depression, fears and phobias) have been revealed. Keywords: Neurosis, neurotic states, neurotic syndrome, neuroticism, professional deformities. Introduction the functioning of the organism is clearly determined by its genetic program1,2and environmental factors3,4, which can either increase its resistance5 or cause various dysfunctions6,7. Prolonged exposure to adverse environmental factors almost always leads to the development of persistent disorders in various systems Corresponding Author: Dmitry Vladimirovich Semenov Department of Social, General and Clinical Psychology, professor,Russian State Social University, st. A very unfavorable result of negative environmental impacts is disregulation in the central mechanisms supporting homeostasis10,11. Professional deformations are changes in the personality structure of workers that occur during prolonged work experience and a tense production situation that adversely affect the professional activities and personal lives of specialists12,13,14. The purpose of the study is to examine the specifics of the neurotic syndrome of employees of organizations with professional deformities. Hess; the goal is to carry out a preliminary rapid diagnosis of the presence or absence of neurosis in humans)26; (interpretation of results: 0-8 - low level (there is no neurosis), 9-16 - level below average (possible presence of neurosis), 17-24 - average level of neurosis, 25-32 - level of neurosis above average, 33-40 - high neurosis level); 2.

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Irregular meal timing, periods of sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality, and irregular or extended work hours can alter the effects of medicine and contribute to missed or irregular dosing. Every year, more medications are available without prescription and provider supervision. Have side effects that interfere with lifestyle functions such that the driver may cease to comply with treatment. The drug schedules are based on addiction potential and medical use but not on side effects. Schedule V drugs have the lowest potential for abuse and include narcotic compounds or mixtures. Discuss the safety implications of effects and/or side effects of prescription and over-the-counter medications, supplements, and herbs. Abnormal test results may disqualify a driver or indicate that additional evaluation and/or testing are needed. Color vision must be sufficient to recognize and distinguish traffic signals and devices showing the standard red, amber, and green colors. You may certify the driver who meets vision qualification requirements, with or without the use of corrective lenses, for up to 2 years. The driver who wears a hearing aid to meet the hearing qualification requirement must wear a hearing aid while driving. Note any abnormal finding, including the safety implication, even if not disqualifying. Document the certification decision, including the rationale for any decision that does not concur with the recommendations. Certification and Documentation Certification Status Document the certification decision in the space provided for certification status. The certificate can be the original or a photocopy, and can be reduced in size (usually wallet-sized). If the driver was certified as physically qualified, then the medical examiner should also retain the medical certificate as well for at least 3 years from the date the certificate was issued. At the conclusion of that study, 2,656 drivers received a onetime letter confirming participation in the study and granting a continued exemption from the monocular vision requirement, as long as the driver is otherwise medically fit for duty and can meet the vision qualification requirements with the one eye.

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Anthropometric and body composition data: Data will be collected including age, weight, and height of the children. Another measurement to assess the nutritional status of the children is body composition including body fat and body muscle percentage, as well as resting metabolic rate. The questionnaire consists of three parts; the first part focus on the nutrition and health knowledge with total of six questions and the second part focus on household serving size to measure how well children know about the portion, and the last part consist of questions related to MyPlate Indonesia. Children attitude to consume fish Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, March 2020, Vol. Perceived behavioral control, behavior and intention to consume fish are going to be measured using three questions. Statistical analysis plan: To analyze the difference in outcomes of control and intervention groups, a paired t-test will be used for normally distributed data and Kruskall Wallis test will be employed to data that is not normally distributed. In order to limit potential bias, all measurements were performed through standardized protocol, and all enumerators were trained prior to data collection. Declarations Competing interests: We have no conflict of interest to report for this study. The study setting is in low to middle income elementary school in Surabaya City, Indonesia. Theraised bed pool will be served as visual reminder to the children that believed will magnify the effect of the 6 sessions of behaviorally oriented nutrition education. One of the strengths of the study is that evidence on the effectiveness of nutrition education intervention using raised bed pool was scare relatively to the abundance body of knowledge related to raised bed garden. Both elementary schools involved in this study were drawn from public schools located in the low to middle income population. Generalization of the results of the intervention could be limited due to the present setting of the sample. We will employ 2 times anthropometric measurement of the elementary school children during recruitment to reduce measurement bias. Due to the nature of the intervention, blinding participants as well as nutrition References 1. Anaemia Prevalence over Time in Indonesia: Estimates from the 1997, 2000, and 2008 Indonesia Family Life Surveys. Understanding gardening and dietary habits among youth garden program participants using the Theory of Planned Behavior.

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In adults, ependymomas occur more frequently, but in children low grade astrocytomas are by far the most common. Benign lesions include haemangioblastoma, lipoma, epidermoid, tuberculoma and cavernous angioma. Interruption of the decussating fibres of the lateral spinothalamic tract causes loss of pain and temperature sensation at the level of the involved segments. Tumour expansion and involvement of the anterior horn cells produces a lower motor neuron weakness of the corresponding muscle groups; corticospinal tract involvement produces an upper motor neuron weakness below the level of the lesion. The sensory deficit spreads downwards bilaterally, the sacral region being the last to become involved. Management When an intrinsic cord tumour is suspected, an exploratory laminectomy is required. An attempt is made to obtain a diagnosis either through a longitudinal midline cord incision or by needle biopsy. Cystic cavities within a tumour or an associated syringomyelia may benefit from aspiration. With some ependymomas and benign lesions, a plane of cleavage is evident and partial or even total removal is possible. Attempted removal of low grade astrocytomas carries less encouraging results and operation is contraindicated in malignant tumours. After tumour biopsy or removal, radiotherapy is often administered, but its value is uncertain. They are often associated with vertebral malformation or other congenital abnormalities and are thought to arise from remnants of the neurenteric canal. Intramedullary cystic lesion: syringomyelia (see over) or cystic cavitation within a glioma. They occur predominantly in the thoracic region and sometimes cause cord compression. Children with extradural arachnoid cysts frequently develop kyphosis; the causal relationship remains unknown. The lower cervical segments are usually affected, but extension may occur upwards into the brain stem (syringobulbia, see page 381) or downwards as far as the filum terminale. The syrinx may obliterate the central canal leaving clumps of ependymal cells in the wall. Syringomyelia should be distinguished from cystic intramedullary tumours, although both pathologies may coexist.

Hydrocephalus autosomal recessive

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The activities were conducted in the first week (pretest) and the eighth week (posttest). Data analysis to determine the effect of family empowerment model on obedience and changes in blood pressure were using paired T test with P <0. Results Table 1: Distribution of Frequency Characteristics of Elderly People with Hypertension Variable Age 60-62 63-65 66-68 69-71 72-74 Gender Male Female Duration 1 tahun > 1 tahun Family History No Yes Frequency 11 3 1 3 3 3 18 12 9 8 13 Percentage (%) 52,4 14,3 4,8 14,3 14,3 14,3 85,7 57,1 42,9 38,1 61,9 Method this research used a pre-experimental design with one group of pretest-posttest design. The research was conducted in March to May, 2019 in Parangbanoa Village, involving 21 respondents using purposive sampling with inclusion criteria: 1. The results showed that there was an influence of family empowerment models on obedience and changes in blood pressure in elderly people with hypertension. Family knowledge, both cognitive and behavioral in improving health status, overcoming health problems, and helping the recovery process, form family empowerment. The outcome expected is for the familyto be independent and skilled in caring for the hypertensive family members. The mechanism causing changes in the family, which has a positive effect on every family-focused treatment as well as suitable promotive actions with cultural status of the community, influences nursing actions and treatments developed in the family13. The results of the research of Sri, Herman, and Mudatsir (2016) prove the influence of health education on family health tasks on hypertension diet obedience in the working area of Blang Mangat Health Center in Lhokseumawe City 11. Meanwhile, Mery, Oktaviani and Patriani (2017) shows the influence of education with the theoretical approach of the Dorothy E. Heni and Supriyah (2019) proves the influence of family assistance in self-care for the blood pressure stability in hypertensive patients 14. Isra et al (2017), respondents who have high family support tend to have a low degree of hypertension15. Discussion Research has shown an increasing diet obedience and changes in blood pressure after intervention in family empowerment models implementation due to the role and support of the family of the elderly people, including education and assistance for the implementation of a healthy lifestyle by improving diet, doing physical activity diligently, adequate rest and being able to manage stress. Nutrient content such as fat and sodium have a close relationship with hypertension. The implementation of a regular diet can normalize hypertension, such as by reducing foods with high salt, fatty foods, eating high fiber foods and doing sports activities 7. Family support is important to determine the beliefs, health values, treatment and care programs. This is in line with the research conducted by Arista Novian (2013) which shows a relationship between hypertension diet obedience and family roles where the P value was (0. Educational empowerment is provided to clients with a client-focused empowerment approach or collaborative care where health care providers and Conclusion Family empowerment is one of the interventions that empowers families in controlling hypertension. In this research there were significant differences before and after intervention of the family empowerment model implementation. Recommendation: the family empowerment can be used as an intervention to control hypertension.


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