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Created in 1991 on the initiative of organisations and major figures close to the Solidarnosc trade union, TÜW TÜW (Towarzystwo Ubezpieczen Wzajemnych TUW) was the first mutual insurance company created in Poland after the fall of communism. Exclusively operating in the non-life insurance sector, Tüw today offers a wide range of insurance products and services for private individuals, companies and local authorities.

With more than 1.5 million members and managing over 3.6 million contracts, Tüw Tüw is today ranked 11th in the Polish non-life insurance market.

Supervisory & Management Boards

  • Chair of the Supervisory Board: Henryk DANKOWIAKOWSKI
  • Chair of the Management Board: Ewa STACHURA-KRUSZEWSKA
  • Motor Insurance
  • Home / Liability Insurance
  • Agricultural Insurance
  • Business & Community Insurance
  • Exclusive agents
  • Independent brokers
  • Total Turnover: PLN 666.7 million*
  • Number of policies: 3,653,913
  • Number of policyholders: 1,542,329
  • Points of sales: 19 Regional Offices, 43 Subsidiaries and 32 Agencies
  • Number of employees: 871
  • Sales force: 2,254 agents and 171 brokers
  • Total Equity Capital: PLN 27.8 million
  • Assets under management: PLN 1,080 million
* 1 PLN = 0.2261 €

*2016 Figures


Total Turnover




Tüw Tüw