KÖBE (Közép-európai Kölcsönös Biztosító Egyesület) is a non-profit organisation, which was founded in 1996 by the largest Hungarian society of carriers (FUVOSZ) and its member organisations, private individuals and other organisations. In the first few years KÖBE offered motor insurance cover for transporters. From 2000 KÖBE provides cover also for individuals and became mass insurer.

Operating exclusively in Hungary in the non-life insurance sector, KÖBE offers insurance products and services that meet its members’ needs at the most attractive conditions possible. As a non-profit organisation, any profit generated is used to top up equity funds, improve its services and offers attractive insurance premiums.

With a market share of 5.84% on the vehicle liability insurance market and with more than 220,000 policies, KÖBE is today the biggest Mutual insurer in Hungary.

Board of Directors & General Management

  • Chair of the Board of Directors : Imre ÁDÁM
  • Managing Director: Dr. Ákos ZÁMBO
  • Motor Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Insurance
  • Exclusive agents
  • Independant insurance brokers
  • Online sale on www.kobe.hu
  • Total Turnover: HUF 15,278 M (approx. € 46 M)
  • Number of policies: 286,337
  • Number of policyholders : 217,214
  • Number of employees: 128
  • Sales Force: 344
  • Total Equity capital: HUF 6,792 M (approx. € 20,5 M)
  • Assets under management: HUF 10,986 M (approx. € 33 M)

(*) Currency rate: 1 HUF = € 0.003

*2019 Figures


Total Turnover