Founded in 1982, Lagun Aro is part of the MONDRAGON Corporation, the largest company in the Basque Country and one of the largest groups in Spain. With 260 companies, a turnover of 16 billion euros and some 97,000 employees, the MONDRAGON Corporation is now ranked among the largest cooperative groups in the world. It operates in four sectors of activity: industry, retail, knowledge and finance (through the banking group Laboral Kutxa and Lagun Aro for the insurance segment).

In December 2011, Lagun Aro became a fully-owned subsidiary of Laboral Kutxa. Through its 368 bancassurance agencies located all over Spain, Lagun Aro and Laboral Kutxa offer over 1.2 million clients a unique value proposal, meeting both their financial and insurance-related needs.

With a turnover of 165 million euros and more than 360,000 clients, Lagun Aro is now a leader in the insurance market of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and of Navarre. 

Board of Directors & Management Team

  • Chair of the Board of Directors: Txomin GARCIA
  • Managing Director: Pablo MONGELOS

  • Motor Insurance
  • Home/Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Entreprise & Micro-entreprise Insurance
  • Life Insurance/Savings
  • Total Turnover: €166M
    Of which Non-Life Insurance: €117M
    Of which Life Insurance: €49.0M
  • Number of policies: 560.362
  • Number of policyhoders: 361.783
  • Points of sales: 335 bankinsurance agencies of Laboral Kutxa and 10 Mediation agencies
  • Number of employees: 172
  • Sales force: 488 Mediators (of which 462 brokers and 26 agents)
    218 insurance specialists within Laboral Kutxa agencies
  • Total Equity capital: €103.9M
  • Assets under management: €765.6M

*2016 Figures


Total Turnover